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  1. Click the “Appointments” tab and select the time and date you want to see the doctor
  2. We will send you a link and a few documents to sign
  3. Click the link we will text you to connect to the doctor via smart phone or computer
  4. If approved, we will email your doctors recommendation within 24 hours of  your visit

What's included

  • Virtual appointment with licensed medical marijuana doctor
  • Official medical marijuana recommendation if approved
  • Recommendation issued at doctor’s discretion, must have valid medical reason for issuance

Your convenient solution

While most medical marijuana state laws include a list of qualifying conditions, Oklahoma does not. According to State Question 788, the proposed medical marijuana law approved by voters, doctors shall recommend licenses using the same judgment they would for prescriptions. In other words, a doctor can write a recommendation for any condition they see fit for medicinal cannabis treatment.

This law leaves the discretion up to the doctor, not state authorities. While one physician may consider medical marijuana appropriate for an illness, another one might not. All of our doctors are pro medical marijuana and can see how it will benefit those in need.

Below, select the “Appointments” tab to select a time and date to see the doctor.

 Recommendation are at doctors discretion, must have valid reason for approval

How to get a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma?

Have you been wondering how to get a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma? Well you have came to the right place! Virtual THC Doctors provide medical marijuana recommendation online. We have the best MMJ doctors OMMA has to offer that are certified by the state to prescribe medical marijuana. Medical marijuanas doctors in Oklahoma you can access from your smart phone or computer. Why stand in long lines at dispensary patient drives?

Get on the ride to wellness and get your medical marijuanas card online today.

Access to high-quality, state licensed medical professionals

No need to stand in long patient drive lines

Safe, secure, and HIPPA compliant way to get your recommendation

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    So great, friendly and efficient. I wish all Dr’s appts were like that.

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    AnaIng experience , will highly recommend the Dr.,

    • Alexandra

Our doctors are licensed with the state medical board

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Are you visiting Oklahoma from Different State ?

Are you visiting Oklahoma and already have a medical marijuanas card from a different state and would like to apply for a temporary medical marijuana card in Oklahoma that is good for 60 days? We can process the paperwork to insure you get your card in the quickest time possible.