Temporary Patient Card

What is a medical marijuanas temporary adult patient license?

A medical marijuanas temporary adult patient license allows an individual with a valid medical marijuanas license from another state to legally buy, use, and grow medical marijuanas and medical marijuanas products in Oklahoma. This license will be in the form of an identification card to prove an individual is a license holder. This card will contain the patient’s name, photo, date of birth, city and county of residence, the type of license, expiration date, and the patient’s unique medical marijuanas license number.


How long does my patient license last?

Temporary licenses are valid for 30 days, but cannot exceed the expiration date of the out-of-state license. A temporary license may be renewed. It is the responsibility of the temporary license holder to file an application for renewal, including payment of the fee, prior to the expiration of his or her current license.

What documentation do I need to provide in the application?

The following documentation is required for the application:

  • Full name
  • Residence and mailing address
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number and email address
  • Information about the out-of-state medical marijuanas license
  • Patient signature dated within 30 days of the application date
  • Out-of-state medical marijuanas license (digital, color copy of the front and back)
  • Proof of identity (digital, color copy of one of the following):
    • State-issued driver’s license (front and back)
    • State-issued identification card (front and back)
    • S. passport or other photo identification issued by the U.S government
  • A clear, color, full-face digital photograph
  • Simply pay $135 and email the needed information and documents described above to VirtualTHCDOctors@gmail.com


How much does the application cost?

The temporary license application fee is $135 (state fees included). There are no reduced fees for temporary patients.