A New “Rise” in telemedicine

Today, Virtual THC Doctors are excited to announce its latest venture and passion  a new brand, PretzelDoctor. As a company we are thankful and inspired to utilize our experience in the 420 telemedicine field and apply it to a new consumer need.

After four years of assistance to the medical 420 industry, CEO Kyle Powers noted, “its been a swirl of twists and turns, but we’re ready to take our greatest creation out of the oven.”

The new PretzelDoctor platform will provide a customizable environment for one’s pretzel needs in all 50 states.

Users will be able to set appointments with pretzel experts who provide “concierge style” pretzel design services and customize-able “Pretzel Plans” with unique recipes, catered to your nutritional needs. Finally, the user will then have the custom pretzels mailed and shipped to their residence upon approval.

Did you know that Pretzels are knot bread?
– Pretzel Facts

We are also excited to now provide 24/7 access to pretzel experts on our platform  our experts will also be able to create a 3D augmented experience tailored to your pretzel desires before a purchase is made. Whether soft or hard, small or large, PretzelDoctor will rise to your call.

A Savory Passion

Our team realized that a pretzel is more than a fun snack  it is a lifestyle, culture and necessity in our modern lives. This portion of the industry (and our stomachs) is currently under-served with huge consumer demand in all 50 states, making it seem like a natural synergy of our collective passions.

When asked about the purpose of the design, branding expert Jean Pierre Fierri said “the new logo is meant to evoke emotion upon the viewer; the curves of a pretzel are so intimate to our deeper cognitive desires, it provokes an extra rumble in your stomach at lunch time.”

A Knead for Dough

As the first company entering the multi-billion dollar pretzel industry, PretzelDoctor be partnering with local bakers, pretzel champions, and pizza makers to assist with rapid growth upon implementation.

When COO Robert Tankson was asked about the change in an operational capacity, he mentioned “the time has never been sweeter to lead the industry into its future.” Robert plans to roll out “sweet pretzel” pop-up style kiosks in major cities across the country by Q3 of 2019.

As thought-leaders in the medical 420 space, and masterminds behind the THC-infused Tide Pod, we feel this service will spread like butter, rise like yeast, and meet needs of pretzel enthusiasts who seek to feast.

We are looking forward to feeding your needs  it’s all buttery and sweet from here on out!